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Conductor – Newport, VT

The Transportation Department will be adding additional train service employee(s). Candidate(s) must be willing to work unusual hours that will include nights, weekends, holidays and overnights.

Overview: This position is responsible for the safe switching of railcars and movement of trains in the Newport, Vermont area. This position is a physically demanding and applicant must be able to safely climb on and off equipment, set or release hand brakes, couple and uncouple air hoses between rail cars, remove and replace broken knuckles (75lb-85lbs), ride moving cars by hanging on grab irons, or ladders. Observe, interpret and relay hand, lantern, and other signals affecting the movement of the train, judge and control the speed and clearance distance of cars and distinguish among colors and see at night. Compliance with company and federal safety rules, policies and procedures to include wearing required safety equipment, responding to safety concerns and taking appropriate action. Applicant must be able to obtain and receive information and act upon oral or written instructions by communication devices such as radios and telephones. Must be able to make decisions about switching, spotting cars and making up the train, observe and monitor track conditions (e.g. broken rails, defective switches, weather-related problems), inspect railcars in conformance with Federal Railroad Administration Regulations.

Candidate must be willing to work unusual hours that will include nights, weekends, and holidays.

Special Qualifications Required:

Candidate(s) must have a valid driver’s license, be able to gain entry into Canada, and carry a valid passport or passcard.