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Real Estate

Cell Tower Colocation

  • CMQ controls approximately 492 track miles in Maine, Vermont, and Quebec.
  • Focused on wireless development and leasing initiatives.
  • Hundreds of miles of leasable right of way real estate.
  • Approximately 15 communication towers available for colocation.

Property Access

Safety is the first and foremost priority of CMQ Railway. The right of way and property of CMQ is private property. Persons found on railroad property without expressed written permission are considered trespassing and may be prosecuted. Any individuals or contractors who need to enter railroad property for any reason must first complete the necessary forms and acquire proper authorization.

  • Insurance Requirements
    Generally, applicants must provide a Certificate of Insurance showing CMQ as the certificate holder. It must provide Commercial General Liability Coverage/Railroad Protective Liability Insurance with a combined single limit not less than Five Million ($5,000,000) Dollars for personal injury and property damage per occurrence. This certificate must not exclude railroad work or operations.

Utility Occupancies

An applicant may obtain a Utility Occupancy License (Wire or Pipeline) through a formal application process.

Grade Crossings

Public and Private road, trail, or other crossings over railroad tracks.

Land Leases

Lease land parcels.

For inquiries into property access, utility occupancies, grade crossings, potential or current land leases, permit to enter, real estate, and more, please contact:

Andrew Curran
VP – Finance & Accounting
Phone: 207-848-4237
Email: [email protected]

For inquiries into Industrial Development/Cell Tower Colocation and more, please contact:

Chris Caldwell
VP – Sales & Marketing
Phone: 207-848-4223
Email: [email protected]