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Central Maine & Quebec Railway Unveils New Locomotive Corporate Paint Scheme

BANGOR, ME, & MONTREAL, QC – On Friday, July 29, 2016, Central Maine & Quebec Railway (CMQ) took delivery of its first of eight rebuilt Electro-Motive Division (EMD) GP38-3 locomotive, #3812, in the company’s new corporate paint scheme. The locomotive, originally built as Penn Central GP38 #7791 in 1969, was completely rebuilt and overhauled at the CAD Railway Industries facility, located in Lachine on the periphery of Montreal, Quebec. The new scheme is designed to pay homage to the CMQ’s Canadian Pacific Railway heritage and to establish a new identity for the company, which will eventually adorn the remainder of the locomotive fleet.

John Giles, President, and CEO of CMQ said, “These ‘new’ GP38-3 locomotives have recently undergone a fundamental rebuild and rehabilitation with new but proven, technological, and mechanical upgrades. CMQ and FTIA (Fortress Transportation & Infrastructures Investors) will continue to invest and improve our infrastructure and equipment so that we can serve our shippers and customers more effectively and efficiently. These new GP38-3’s will provide dependable, economic service to CMQ and its clients for years to come. And, they look pretty darn sharp too!”

CMQ GP38-3 #3812 will be released to general service where the company’s four-axle locomotives are typically used and it (or one of the other emerging units in the new scheme) will be on display at the 24th Annual Glory Days of the Railroad Festival in White River Junction, Vermont, on September 10 – 11, 2016. CMQ’s paint scheme was designed and adapted by Kevin Burkholder of Steel Wheels Productions and Photography.

About Central Maine & Quebec Railway

Formed in 2014, CMQ has dedicated itself to retain existing and developing new business while partnering with connecting carriers to optimize routes, offer competitive pricing, and superior customer service. CMQ’s primary cargo includes forest products, construction materials, chemicals, grain, and energy products. CMQ serves the States of Maine and Vermont, as well as the Province of Quebec.

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